Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why did I become a Chef?

That's a good question not just because I asked it, well..., but because it's a good one.
I could justify that choice with severals good and wrong reasons, but if I want to be honest, two reasons arrived on top of the list.

The first one is that I was dreaming to make a World tour and found a position in every countries I would have the chance to leave my bags. I like the idea that if you start to appreciate the food in the country you are, you start to understand the history and the country.

The second one is cooking let you the opportunity to work for someone or better for yourself and that, almost every where you want.

15 years later, I have no regret.

So I did not do a World tour but I had already did lots of trips and the idea to open my own business could happen one day, who knows...

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