Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The mint religieuse

In France, you will find some religieuses in every bakery, usually with a chocolate or coffee flavor. The joke  is unfortunatly only showing in French where menthe religieuse (mint religieuse) sounds exactely like mante religieuse (this).

Trust me, once you will taste it, you would like to get more.

To do that dessert, you need to do a cream puff pastry dough, a pastry cream and a plain frosting.
For this recipe, you have to make two sizes of puff pastry, one with a 2 inches ball and one with a 1 inch ball. The pastry cream will not be done with a vanilla flavor, but with some fresh mint leaves. You will mix the mint with half of the sugar that you will infuse in the milk. Then just follow the cream pastry recipe.

Plain frosting
1/2 egg white
7/8 cup confectionners sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
1-2 drop green food color

You have to get a really nice soft mix, if not, you can warm it up a little bit in a microwave.

Now you have to fill your puff pastry balls with the mint pastry cream, and to put some frosting on each ball. Place a small ball on the top of each big ball. Chill the religieuse in your fridge for an hour.

Now it is time to enjoy.

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