Monday, January 9, 2012

Culinary rhyme

What's that?
Do not be scared, I will not show you the poors poems that I write sometimes. But I will propose you some  gustative assemblies which work together.

To start our collection of rhymes, let me show you two exemples of three flavors which, once mixed, will give you a really good dish:

In Winter time, why not to do mashed carrots cooked in the orange juice seasoned with salt and cumin powder. Pair it with a leg or a rack of lamb pricked with some garlic and a rosemary sauce.
In Summer time, you can take the same ingredients, the same flavors of course but you could work on them differently and play with the presentation. So I suggest a garlic-rosemary butter that could be served on a lamb cutlet grilled on the barbecue, served with a shredded carrot salad with an orange juice-olive oil dressing spiced with cumin powder.

What is nice with the culinary rhyme is that you can play to the infiny with the products.

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