Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carrot-orange Salad

Nothing complicated for today, just a pretty little carrot-ornge salad. After the meatballs sandwich, we need to eat something healthier, isn't it?

For 6 servings, we need

9 carrots
1 orange
1/4 bunch cilantro
2 spring onions
1/4 tsp sesame seed
1/4 tsp black sesame seed
3 tbp EVOO
1/2 tbp balsamique vinager
FM salt/pepper

Peel and shred the carrots with a robot-coupe.
With the orange, cut away the peel and pith, make a cut on both sides of each segment to free it from the membrane,letting the segment and juice drop into the bowl below. Keep aside.
Rinse, dry and chop cilantro
Clean and chop spring onions
Mix everything in a bowl, set aside.
With the orange juice, add the salt, the pepper and vinager. Check the seasonning.
Right before serving, add the dressing to the salad and mix well.

It is good, fresh and healthy!!

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